Safety For Kids

The #1 rule to teach children is: always act as if a power line is energized and stay away. Don't ever touch a power line or anything that is touching it - people are good conductors of electricity.

You can teach your children about electricity, how it works and how to stay safe with WEMCO's Electrical Safety World. The site is full of online experiments, interactive games and school projects.

Here are some important tips for keeping children safe:
  • Teach your child how to dial 911 for emergency help.
  • Don't allow children to climb trees growing near power lines.
  • Teach children to tell an adult and ask for help if a kite or another object gets stuck on a power line or in a tree near a power line.
  • Never let your child play near utility poles, power lines or the support wires of a pole and never let your child enter a substation - not even to retrieve a toy.
  • Keep all appliances and power tools away from water and out of the reach of children.
  • Teach your child the proper use of a fire extinguisher and not to pour water on an electrical fire.
  • Place safety covers on unused electric outlets and remind children never to stick any object, including a finger, in an outlet.
  • If your child can count 20 seconds or less between lightning and thunder, a thunderstorm is close enough to cause injury so move inside.