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Peter Stewart
  Mar 25, 2023 12:30 AM

A solar generator combines batteries, some electronics, and solar panels. Solar panels collect energy, and batteries store it; that's the basic principle of how it works. These generators are small, light, eco-friendly, and portable.


While a solar-powered generator may not provide the same voltage and maximum power output as an AC hybrid, it offers a range of benefits that warrant consideration. Solar generators can generate at a rate that exceeds ambient electricity while consuming negligible power. Moreover, they will save you energy bills in the long run as they are typically 60% more efficient than regular fossil fuel generators.

We have dedicated this article to the advantages of a solar-powered generator, and you should keep these benefits in mind when deciding which generator to buy. So let's dive into it and see what advantages they offer.

1. What is a solar generator?

The term solar generator can refer to any technology capable of operating on solar energy.

Most commonly, however, when people use the term solar generator, they're not usually referring to an established portable power station, like the ones we sell at Bluetti Power.

These unique systems can capture solar energy through integrated solar panels, then transport the said energy to an internal storage system (usually consisting of lithium-ion technology).

Solar generators might not always be the right equipment for large homes; however, they couldbe extremely useful for boats, passenger cars, or as an emergency backup vehicle provided if there is a power outage in your area.


What is a solar generator?


2. How does a solar generator work?

Solar generators can provide long-term stable off-grid power without requiring anything other than solar power.

Solar generators offer a green solution for electricity generation, which in many cases can be more efficient or even more efficient than propane or gas-powered generators.

Solar generators work by integrating the solar panel, charge controller, battery system, and inverter into a compact system that converts sunlight into electricity.

We will discuss each component separately to understand better how solar generators work.

  • Batteries: Solar generators need to store energy obtained from the sun for you to use at a later stage. The battery acts as a storage unit.

Lithium-ion batteries have been used in many types of solar generators on the market. However, you can also use lead-acid batteries that are less efficient, cheaper, and more abundant than lithium-ion technology.

With that said, lithium-ion batteries have significant advantages over lead-acid batteries, and we recommend lithium-ion batteries because they are more affordable in the long run.

  • Charge controller: As an important component of a solar generator, its main purpose is to protect and increase the battery's life. Charge controllers often have different features for charging and discharging based on certain battery types and solar panel combinations you use. 

Charge controllers are important to make solar generators work because they balance the energy dynamics between the solar panels and the battery.

  • Inverter: This unit converts low direct current (DC) from the battery into alternating current (AC) that could be used to power your everyday household items.

Devices that require DC power can do without an inverter because electricity does not need to be converted.

You could read this article to understand more about the difference between AC and DC power.




3. Top 6 benefits of the best solar generators

Free and clean energy


First, solar energy is free, cost, no cost, and tax-free. It will be present everywhere, even in the most remote places. This means that solar generators will have no operating costs when using fuel.

For conventional generators, you need to buy fuel, whereas it's not needed here. These units will be a bit more expensive initially but are well worth it in the long run.

A solar generator is the most eco-friendly energy solution you can have, and it does not use fossil fuels, so it does not release any harmful fumes into the environment. It will help you reduce your carbon footprint. While conventional generators produce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, solar generators have no emissions.


A solar generator



Minimum maintenance needs


There are no moving parts inside the solar generator, which helps avoid frequent mechanical parts replacement due to wear and tear. This also eliminates the possibility of damage to components during cleaning.

The lack of moving parts means no oil changes are required. This results in a solar generator requiring minimal maintenance compared to conventional units.

There will be no spare parts or oil replacement costs, so it is the most cost-effective in terms of maintenance.

Solar generator can be used indoors


As mentioned, solar generators do not use conventional fuel, so there will be no emissions, so you should always leave your conventional generator outside and avoid being distant-home page. Solar generators have only batteries, and there is no smoke or risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The benefit of using it indoors is that you will not need an extension cord and can easily access the device.

It is portable


generator portable


Solar generators are small and light; you can take them anywhere you like without help, which is not true for many conventional generators.

Ordinary generators will have an engine, fuel tank, and a large metal frame, not combined with a light generator; they are heavy and not easy to move.

Meanwhile, for the solar generator, the significant weight is the battery, of course not so heavy. This makes the solar generator lightweight and highly portable. Whether camping or planning an outdoor event, a solar generator will meet your energy needs.

They are designed primarily as briefcases so that you can easily carry them. Many solar generators weigh less than about 25 pounds, so no wonder you can carry them.

Easy to use


Solar generators easy to use


Solar generators are as simple as possible; no need to change oil, refill fuel, and the like. You need to set up the solar panels so that it receives the maximum possible sunlight.

The harvested energy of the sun will charge the battery during the day; you can use this energy at night or another day. The only thing you need is the sun's rays.

If you are using a home generator and it's already in place, you do not need to do anything once the setup is complete; Recharging will take place during the day and can be used at night.

No maintenance is required. Also, the control panel will have appropriately labeled sockets, so there will be no confusion.

Solar generators can also be charged through outlets in your home or a vehicle, and solar charging isn't the only option. This makes it very versatile so that you will have electricity in the generator even on rainy days.

It have long lifetime


A solar generator will last more than 20 years, a long period of time, and during that time, you'll have minimal maintenance costs and no fuel.

The solar generator is an efficient renewable energy source; because of this, it will work for a long time without needing to replace fuel regularly. Moreover, if you plan to keep the power on all day and night, a solar generator is the best choice.

Energy can be relatively inexpensive and seamlessly affordable. Investing in solar power has the potential to make you reduce your electricity bills by as much as 90%. Your home is equipped with the best solar panels in the world, which will power your appliances, lights, etc. You do not have to buy expensive batteries to run your appliances.


4. Why are solar generators essential?

Having a backup power source in your home is becoming increasingly essential. Every year, a large percentage of our population relies on these technologies to survive and connect with the rest of the world.

The best solar generators are not only used to power small appliances such as fans, mid-sized refrigerators, and air conditioners, but they are also useful for providing backup power. Essential for critical medical devices such as CPAP machines and other home health monitoring devices.


Investing in a solar generator is the best you can do right now. We accept that they are a bit expensive, but their long life and low maintenance and operating costs make them more cost-effective. They are portable, lightweight, and the quietest power supplies on the market.

Many people think solar generators are better than fossil fuel generators, looking at their benefits for small electricity needs, that is for sure.

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