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Peter Stewart
  Mar 25, 2023 1:48 AM

You will quickly learn that many options are available when shopping for a new generator. Which choice is better for you? How can you tell?
To help you make a wise decision, we've compiled a list of the top 12,000-watt generators currently available. We have considered many factors, such as warranty, cost, and features.
If you're seeking a 12,000-watt generator, this blog post is for you!


Generators are not on everyone's buying list, but if you run a business that relies heavily on electricity, it is time to consider a suitable backup solution. Fortunately, many companies are selling good generators, although this causes problems when choosing your ideal generator.

However, it would help if you did not worry about this anymore because this blog has solved all your worries. We have prepared a list of features of the best 12,000-watt generators to ensure your buying process is easy and you won't regret your purchase. Before that, remember that there are essential considerations before purchasing a portable generator.

These include ensuring the tool's grip is sturdy and wheels are built ideally for frequent travel. In addition, the device should have multiple output sockets to allow you to connect to as many devices as possible.

1. Necessary Considerations Before Buying a 12000-Watt Generator

After going through the best quality 12000-watt generator reviews, choosing among the hundreds of such products available for sale is difficult.

However, market saturation should be fine when purchasing if you understand the basic characteristics of the item you are looking for. That is why we have prepared this section for you. Reduce your purchasing hassle. These sections briefly overview the ideal features to consider when purchasing a 12,000-watt generator.

12,000-Watt Generator

12,000-Watt Generator

Source: Amazon

Transfer Switch

It provides maximum safety when using a generator as your backup. It also boosts your power supply and protects your generator from damage. You can choose between manual and automatic transfer switches, although automatic switches are a bit more expensive.


Running a generator at home or in a busy office can make you realize how noisy some machines can be. Fortunately, fairly quiet generators produce as low as 55 dB at half load. Such devices are ideal options to consider. However, a sound of 70 dB is also acceptable as it is within the normal conversational range.

Maintenance Needs

Generators are machines that require regular checks to run ever since. An important factor you should always check is the oil level, although this has been simplified by the auto-off feature built into most appliances. In general, check the fuel level and keep it clean. Replace filters from time to time.

Local Law

Are there any regulations prohibiting generator use in your state? Understand the country's rules, as some states may consider your machine a sound or air contaminant.

2. How Many Home Appliances Can We Connect to the Best 12,000-Watt Generator?

With such a huge amount of power, you can start and run heavy industrial equipment that would normally have the same power up and running. 12,000 watts is enough to run 3-4 power tools simultaneously, and no need to turn off any tools to start another. With an average run time of 5 to 10 hours, such a generator is perfect for various uses on remote construction sites.

This operating capacity is also considered high enough to cut off power in an emergency. Using the appropriate switch or inlet box, you can use a 12,000-watt generator to start and run essential home appliances, including refrigerators (approximately 1600 watts), lights (approximately 1600 watts), lights (approximate 100 – 500 watts), microwaves (1500 watts-2000 watts), flat-screen TVs (150-300 watts), desktop computers (150-800 watts), and some other devices.

Home Appliances Connect to the 12,000-Watt Generator

Home Appliances Connect to the 12,000-Watt Generator


3. How Many Hours Can a 12,000-Watt Generator Run?

It's hard to say exactly how long a 12000-watt generator can run as it depends on factors, including load capacity, fuel tank size, engine make, and even climate. However, most 12000-watt generators can run for between 8 and 12 hours at 50% load. At 100% load, the tank can be exhausted in 4-7 hours. For a more accurate estimate of how long the generator can run, you can divide the gas/propane tank capacity (in gallons) by the published hourly fuel consumption (in gallons/hour). It is important to remember to wait to run the generator until the fuel runs out. Gas-powered machinery must be rested and regularly cycled to avoid rapid wear and tear.

12,000W Generator Runtime

12,000W Generator Runtime


It is important to remember that the generator must only be left running once it runs out of fuel. Gas-powered machinery must be rested and frequently changed jobs to avoid rapid wear and overheating. While this is a general rule, some generator models are explicitly designed for continuous workloads. In this case, you will find that the manufacturer allows running the tool without interruption. In other cases, you should give them a break every 4-5 hours of continuous work.

Propane-powered models allow you to connect containers of different sizes to the generator, which means longer runtimes. You should follow the rule and stop the engine frequently unless the opposite is provided for the particular generator model.

4. Will a 12,000-Watt Generator Power an Entire House?

Yes, such capacity is enough to power a house through a suitable switch or power supply box. However, you should be careful and turn off any unnecessary equipment to maintain essential parts of your home. Unlike industrial tools, many household appliances have a higher starting power. That means you must find actual metrics for each device and make a reference table for powering up and running. Hang it where everyone can see it, and remember to teach your family members how to connect and run appliances when a generator powers the home. The wiring in your home should be prepared to power the generator, so be sure to call a maintenance specialist to have the system adjusted and checked.

12,000-Watt Generator can power an entire house

12,000-Watt Generator can power an entire house

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Finally, you may have looked through reviews, seen OHV tools, and wondered if it was a necessary consideration feature. Overhead Valve engines are more efficient and reliable, so why don't you use them? Also, you must have seen that most generators have an electric starter.

You don't see the maintenance-free battery, ensuring your machine never fails to boot. So choose a device with a continuous battery. Low oil levels cause engine damage, and almost all rated generators have an automatic shut-off feature when the oil is low.

Load protection and automatic voltage regulators are essential as they protect your equipment from damage caused by high voltages. Are there other essential considerations in the generator buying process? You will get more support if you share your purchasing concerns with me.

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