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Brian Bennet
  Jun 6, 2023 12:46 PM

Diesel generators are a valuable asset to your home/business. Although expensive, they are also essential to your operation. However, portable diesel generators can be stolen or damaged by vandalism. Even large industrial generators that look safe can be targets for experienced thieves. All generators can be seriously damaged if vandalism occurs.
However, you can protect your home generator from theft or damage. Follow these steps to protect and prevent theft and vandalism.

1. Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Diesel Generator

Creating a protective solution for your diesel generator is always essential. That means applying a variety of methods to minimize the risk to the generator's location. The following steps can help you get started.

Diesel Generator for Home Use

Diesel Generator for Home Use

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Start Protection Immediately

Do not store your new generator in a trailer or outdoors. The important thing is that it arrives and is immediately in the right location, with security measures in place. Sometimes leaving the generator in the trailer just makes it easier for thieves to steal.

Add Light Throughout The Space Around The Diesel Generator

Thieves are not interested in targeting areas that put them at risk. Lights can be an easy deterrent, then. Put plenty of light around your diesel generator. Some modern security cameras these days have built-in focus cameras. They can work very well to mitigate some threats just by using the lights alone.

Use A Storage Box

A storage box works well to provide ample protection. Many companies offer these specially designed boxes to help protect diesel generators from common risks, including theft. Storage boxes can protect against threats such as vandalism, damage, and theft.

Build a Storage Box for Your Diesel Generator

Build a Storage Box for Your Diesel Generator

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Alarm System

Installing an alarm system can be an important investment. Options range from CCTV systems to comprehensive alarm systems with remote monitoring. It can be an expensive option from a stand-alone perspective, but if you already have a security system in place, consider connecting your generator area to it.

Remove The Wheel

Another solution that seems simple is very effective. Many construction sites use trailer-mounted generators, especially rental generators, when needed for short periods. However, the trailer makes it much easier to remove the device. Removing the wheels on your generator and instead placing the device on wooden blocks makes it much harder for thieves to move the device, providing a high level of security.

2. How to Prevent Diesel Generator Fuel Theft (For Business)

In addition to the same measures as how to protect the generator that we mentioned above, there are also separate ways to protect the diesel generator fuel.

Diesel Generators for Business

Diesel Generators for Business

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Set Up Benchmarks to Track Fuel Consumption

For the company, management should keep track of the number of liters of Diesel used. They should also keep track of the liters used by the device ID and keep track of the names of all operators who refueled. Tracking speed, distance traveled, and fuel tank level can help determine the average fuel consumption for every vehicle in the fleet. Any sudden change in average fuel consumption indicates potential fuel theft. To enhance the security of the “No ID, No Fuel” mechanism

Create a Fuel Consumption Log Using Double-Entry Accounting

The basic principle in accounting (and bookkeeping) is double-entry accounting. Double-entry accounting is an accounting method that helps keep track of where your money is coming from and going. A similar system should be implemented using pen and paper, an Excel Spreadsheet, or a system such as a third-party Fuel Management System. The field must track how many liters of diesel welder is delivered to an on-site stockpile or pump location – this can be tracked using itemized invoices from the fuel company data and record double entries with pump placement.

Take A Picture of Every Fuel Transaction and Maintain a Record For Future Analysis

Use surveillance cameras and enhance facility lighting. Using CCTV, increasing lighting throughout refueling stations, and placing detectors near fuel tanks can reduce fuel theft and increase safety. The security system must operate 24/24 to prevent fuel theft.

Install a Fuel Level Sensor In The Tank

Fuel level sensors installed at fixed fuel stations and mobile fuel lines can help prevent refueling, monitor tank fuel levels, control fluid loss and manage fuel condition warehouse status.

3. FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Be Considered The Most Efficient Diesel Generator?

Diesel generators are renowned for their efficiency, and the reason is simple: Since diesel generators use compression to ignite the fuel, they don't require as much fuel to operate as generators that run on natural gas. Diesel generators supply compressed air and fuel to the engines separately, allowing them to use less fuel to generate power.

Typically, a diesel generator will run at about 40 percent efficiency within its designed optimal operating range, often up to 80 percent of the total load capacity. That means for every 100 units of input energy, 40 units are delivered as output. As in any mechanical system, energy is lost due to heat and friction.

For diesel generators, efficiency can be expressed as specific fuel consumption based on gallons per hour. Manufacturers often provide this information in their marketing materials.

What Is a Diesel Marine Generator?

Marine generators typically run on diesel or gasoline to generate power that is converted into electrical energy inside the generator. This energy can then be used to power various appliances and instruments inside the boat.

Quietest Marine Generator

Quietest Marine Generator

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What Is The Best Way To Secure a Portable Diesel Generator?

Place the portable diesel generator inside the fenced area while in use and lock the gate. Consider removing the wheels from the frame to make it more difficult to pull the generator. At night, the light will also help deter thieves, and motion-activated surveillance cameras can take pictures of potential thieves.


The diesel generator set is like a family member, providing electricity for the house/business 24/7. So it is a very unpleasant feeling if it is stolen or vandalized by thieves. With all the ways provided above, theft prevention is all about preparation and long-term thinking.

As for diesel generators, you need to store them in a safe place and lock them carefully, especially when placed outside. Since portable transmitters pose more of a threat to non-portable analog devices, keep them close to your location. For this purpose, you can use a silent generator.

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