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How to Store a Generator When Camping - Best Advice

Philip Brown
  Sep 24, 2023 11:32 PM

Knowing how to safely pack a generator is essential for any camping trip. Proper storage will not only keep your generator in working order, but will also reduce the burden of carrying it around. The best methods for stowing a generator when camping are detailed here.

Why Proper Storage is Important

Properly storing your generator when camping is crucial to maintaining longevity and efficiency. It's important to prevent any damage or malfunction caused by exposure to the elements, and proper storage ensures that the generator stays in good working condition for years to come.

Tips for Storing Your Generator When Camping

Tip #1: Allow the Generator to Cool Down

Before storing your generator, you must ensure it's cool to the touch. This is important to avoid any potential fires or explosions caused by storing a hot generator.

generator for camping

generator for camping


Tip #2: Drain the Fuel

The generator's fuel must be drained before it can be stored. If you do this, the fuel won't degrade and gunk up the carburetor, which could lead to issues the next time you try to use the generator.

Tip #3: Store the Generator in a Dry Location

When storing your generator, make sure it's in a dry location. Moisture can cause corrosion and rust on metal parts, which can cause damage to the generator.

Tip #4: Protect the Generator from the Elements

Make sure that your generator is protected from the elements. You can accomplish this by covering the generator with a tarp or cover or storing it in a weatherproof container.

Tip #5: Store the Generator in a Safe Location

Make sure that your generator is stored in a safe location. This can include storing it in a locked shed or garage or in a location that is not accessible to children or pets.

Tip #6: Store the Generator in a Properly Sized Container

When storing your generator, using a properly sized container is important. This will ensure the generator is not damaged during transport and remains secure and stable.

How to Transport Your Generator

Transporting your generator is just as important as storing it. Use a suitable carrier or transport system to avoid any damage during transit. Ensure the generator is secure, not moving around, and protected from the elements during transport.


Properly storing and transporting your generator when camping ensures it stays in good working condition. Follow the tips we provided to keep your generator safe and secure.


1. Can I store my generator outside?

  • It's not recommended to store your generator outside, as exposure to the elements can cause damage to the generator.

 2. How long can I store my generator without using it?

  • It's recommended to run your generator at least once every 30 days if unused. This helps to maintain the generator's longevity and efficiency.

 3. Can I store my generator with fuel in it?

  • It's not recommended to store your generator with fuel, as the fuel can degrade and cause problems with the carburetor.

 4. Should I cover my generator when storing it?

  • Yes, it's recommended to cover your generator when storing it to protect it from the elements and keep it in good condition.

 5. Can I transport my generator in any vehicle?

  • It would help if you only transported your generator in a vehicle equipped to handle the weight and size of the generator. Use proper tie-downs and transport systems to keep the generator secure during transport.


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