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Philip Brown
  Jun 6, 2023 1:25 PM

Ozone generators are the perfect solution to deal with musty odors and bacteria around the house no matter how much effort and household cleaners you use.

This indoor ozone air purifier works by releasing ozone gas into the air, which blows up odors at a molecular level and changes its composition to remove the odor.

It has the ability to remove cigarette odors, pet odors, mold, smoke, and other unpleasant odors.

If you want to get the top-rated ozone generator, then we recommend that you consider the factors below. If you also care about the generator for your home, you can read our generator article

1. Types of Commercial Ozone Generators, Which Is Suitable for You?

One must know about the different types available for ozone generators and how to use them safely before choosing one for your home. There are 4 main types of ozone generators – ultraviolet, corona discharge, cold plasma, and electrolysis. Get to know them in detail.

Ultraviolet Ozone Generator

Ultraviolet Ozone Generator

Ultraviolet Ozone Generator

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This ultraviolet ozone generator separates oxygen molecules by using ultraviolet (UV) light to produce ozone. They are relatively more energy and time-consuming to produce a sufficient amount of ozone gas. Therefore, it is perfect for small spaces (such as small offices, hotel rooms, and bedrooms), but not ideal for cleaning the air in large spaces.

Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

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This corona discharge ozone generator is a powerful type that uses an electric current to split oxygen molecules and thus produce ozone. They create an electric field on the surface in which the oxygen molecules are split into single atoms. It then rapidly recombines to produce ozone gas.

This type of ozone machine is quite effective and only requires a little time to disinfect the space. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for large spaces, but when operating, it generates a lot of heat, the reason is that to generate a strong current, the machine needs a lot of energy.

Cold Plasma Ozone Generator

Cold Plasma Ozone Generator

Cold Plasma Ozone Generator

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This cold plasma ozone machine uses cold plasma generated from two adjacent neon tubes in a sealed chamber to separate oxygen molecules. Here, an electrode generates an electric field by sending an electric current through the chamber. It then separates the oxygen atoms and recombines them to create ozone gas.

Unlike the halo discharge models, they generate less heat but still produce equal amounts of ozone. This machine is not common for household use. Compared to other home ozone generators, these are more expensive and bulkier.

Electrolytic Ozone Generator

Ozone Water Machine

Ozone Water Machine

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The electrolytic ozone generator, also known as an ozone water machine, is designed for water treatment use. Here, the molecules are separated into oxygen, hydrogen, and ozone. The water pump into the ozone generator separates the oxygen in the water to produce ozone. 

This water ozonator treatment process will dissolve into oxygen and not leave any harmful residue. This is the least common type that uses water as the starting substrate. It is less likely to be used indoors, but some options are used in larger spaces.

2. Considering How Much Gas Ozone Can Produce

Ozone output is essential to consider when purchasing an ozone generator. It is given in milligrams per hour (mg/hour). Higher output ozone generator can handle larger space. Typically, a good quality ozone generator produces a minimum of 350 mg/hr of ozone, while an industrial ozone generator will pump out a maximum of 12,000 mg of ozone per hour.

  • A lower-wattage ozone generator that will produce up to 7000 mg/hr is the best choice for apartments, smaller rooms, and cars as it is suitable for areas up to 1000 square feet. 

  • Larger-capacity ozone generators producing up to 10,000 mg/hr are the best choice for larger homes or commercial purposes. It will clean and disinfect the air in spaces between 2000 and 3000 square feet.

Based on the size of the room and the ozone output, the generator will take 5 - 20 minutes to clean and disinfect the air effectively. Remember that the higher the output level, the more space is cleaned in less time.

Using a higher-power ozone machine in a small space for a short period will shock the area, allowing you to clean the entire room multiple times within an hour. It is worth choosing an ozone generator that perfectly fits the size of the intended space for continuous use.

Most generator manufacturers provide their product specifications, so keep that in mind.

3. Ozone Generator Portability

In general, almost all ozone generators are portable and suitable for travel or home use. This portable ozone generator weighs less than 7 ounces-no heavier than a smartphone. These are compact devices with an ergonomic handle that you have to plug into a standard 115-volt outlet. Therefore, these portable ozone generators can be easily moved/carried to other rooms or hotel rooms.

4. Other Features

Coverage Area 

Depending on the size of the area you want to treat, purchase an ozone generator and choose the right option. Mostly, square feet are used to declare the maximum working area of these ozone generators.

The Ability to Control Ozone Output

Some ozone generators give you full control over choosing the desired ozone level. The generator will emit the selected ozone level and thus limit the potential hazard without generating more than you have selected/requested.

Filter System

Normally, ozone generators cannot remove airborne allergens on their own. So make sure to choose a model with the right filtration system to effectively remove dirt, dust, other allergens, and odors.

Say Goodbye to Ordor with Ozone Air Purifier

Say Goodbye to Ordor with Ozone Air Purifier

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5. Price Is Also An Important Factor

The ozone generator will cost $ 22 - $ 200, in which you must choose a type with good quality and necessary features that suit your pocket.

  • A compact device without many features to handle small spaces will cost you around $22-50.

  • A desk-sized model with special features that handle larger rooms will cost between $50 and $90.

  • A commercial-grade model with special features such as a filtration system, ozone control settings, and other special features will cost you $100-200 (or more).


Above are all the things that we find most important to inform you when you want to buy an ozone therapy machine. Thank you for reading this article; besides the ozone generator buying guide, we have many other useful articles about ccc that you can also refer to here .

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