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Gabriel Jones
  Jun 6, 2023 2:10 PM

With so many brands on the market, finding a reliable generator that doesn't cost too much can be challenging. 

Our article delves into the world of generators to identify the top generator brands on the market and examine the factors that make these generators a must-have in every household. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best generator brands and top generators for sale on the market.

1. Top Brands of Generators 2023

Honda - The Best Portable Generator Brand

Honda Portable Generators

Honda Portable Generators

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Just take a look at Honda's range of portable generators, and you'll see why they're the most sought-after. Compact design, powerful engine, high fuel economy, and sturdy frame. All the qualities you want in the best quality portable generator.

Yamaha Generators - The Biggest Competitor of Honda

Yamaha is also a brand from Japan, so it also creates stiff competition with the domestic compact generator brand, Honda.

However, we feel both brands have a distinct style and vision reflected in their factory tools and equipment.

Yamaha Generator

Yamaha Generator

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Yamaha is a multinational corporation that also belongs to one of the best generator brands. It is especially known for its inverter generator with an innovative design. They operate quietly, with volume levels ranging from 51.5 dBA to 61 dBA.

Generac Generators - The NO.1 Seller in Home Standby Generators

Generac is an American brand that started manufacturing electrical equipment in the late 80s and quickly grew into one of the world's best and most popular generator brands.

They come in various designs to serve different applications, including commercial backup machines, home backup machines, mobile equipment, and towable generators. It is the #1 selling home backup generator, and its industrial backup generator is also quite famous.

Generac Generator

Generac Generator

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They are known for their innovative generator solutions and first-class customer support. You can find them in a variety of models, especially the GP Series, which is the most popular among buyers.

Champion Power Equipment - One of The Generators Worth Buy

Champion Generator

Champion Generator

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What makes Champion Power Equipment one of the best generator brands on the market today is that its generators are very fuel-efficient with long runtimes. It is a very popular brand in the mining industry.

In addition to their high reliability and durability, Champion generators are also quite affordable, which is amazing.

Despite being a new company, it has been able to build its position as a generator brand and has sold over 2 million generators in North America alone.

They designed their generators and came up with a Dual Fuel Generator Series that gives users the flexibility to run their equipment on whatever fuel they have available that can be easily used.

Duromax - The Best Durable Generator Brand

Duromax Generator

Duromax Generator

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DuroMax portable generators are known for their reliability and durability and are a longstanding generator brand. They have over 20 different models, with two unique designs for one, three, and four-cylinder engines.

Each of its models meets ETL & MTL standards and is built with cast iron bushings. They have portable transmitters ranging from digital inverters to large 15,000-watt portable backup devices.

2. Which Generator Brand is Suitable for You?

After extensive product research and reviewing the wide range of generators on the market, the generators you note in the best handbook should be got based on a number of criteria, including value for money, portability, ease of use, and popularity with users.

While reviewing generators made by manufacturers, we found products that offer a wide range of features, from generator starter options, dual fuel (and triple fuel options), magnetic start distance, and safety features should also be considered.

Runtime, durability, ease of use, and the number and type of sockets offered are also valuable features that you should consider when looking at generators available from top brands.

Of the 5 generator brands we listed above, each has a strong point that is suitable for most household needs.

3. FAQs

What Are The Top 5 Generators?

What Is The Most Used Generator Type?

Gasoline generators are the most common type of generator and are an excellent choice for low-power appliances and appliances. Regarding cost, gasoline generators tend to be the least expensive, but over time, gasoline gets more expensive than other fuels.

Storing gasoline in an airtight container is only safe for three to six months. The gas will be safe for up to three years if fuel stabilizers are added.

How Do I Choose A Generator Size?

  • Determines How Many Running Watts A Tool Uses

If the running watt rating is not listed on the unit's body, multiply the amps by the volts (W=A x V). You can find the amps and volts the tool or device uses on the label or in the operating manual.

  • Choose The Highest Starting Power Of All The Tools You Intend To Use

Since most tools won't start all at once, only the starting power of the tool with the highest count should be included.

Add running capacity for all tools and starting power of the highest numbered item.

  • It's The Tool That Generates The Size You Need In Watts

Note that some portable generators offer running and starting power according to spec, but many only offer a single number. If that's the case, that's usually the starting power, meaning the operating power will be slightly lower (about 10%). Choose a slightly larger generator if your needs are at the top of the range offered.

  • Divide By 1,000 To Get The Size In Kilowatts

Generators are sized in kilowatts. If you need 6,000 watts, that's 6 kilowatts, so you need a 5.0-6.5 kW portable generator.

What Is A Normal Size Generator?

In general, a generator with a capacity of about 5000 watts is good enough for most daily activities. For larger households, 10000 watts or more would be a more practical choice.

If you want a generator for light or recreational use, portable devices that provide about 2000 watts should suffice. Small generators are lighter and can also be used for outdoor activities.


A high-quality portable generator usually consists of a carefully designed machine part. Since so many templates are available, you need to get the best one for your needs.

As noted, there're many reputable generator brands on the market. Some have decades of experience, having sold millions of dollars. Others are relatively new to the generator industry; Regardless, some have achieved high standards and are famous in a short time.

Take the time to research different manufacturers and models and pick out the best generator on the market.

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